Book Review- Confined with Mr. Darcy by L.L. Diamond

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

In a brilliant move, L.L. Diamond has taken current events, and turned them into the motive for her modern-day Pride and Prejudice story. As Covid-19 spreads across England and the country prepares to shut down, Darcy invites Elizabeth to come stay at Pemberley and quarantine there. Newlyweds Bingley and Jane, just returned from their honeymoon in Greece, are also staying at Pemberley, albeit in a separate cottage on the grounds. Being confined with Mr. Darcy and his darling teenage sister, Elizabeth’s former dislike of him gradually subsides. But will they be able to overcome their own pride and stubbornness to come together? A short and sweet story with a happy ending. I was pleased to see that the author is donating 50% of the first month's proceeds toward the Jane Austen House Museum's Covid-19 Survival appeal.


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