Book Review- Hear Me Call by Britaini Armitage

Updated: May 16, 2021

I was honored to read an advance copy of Britaini Armitage’s latest romantic suspense, Hear Me Call. It’s the fourth book in her “You and Me” series, but focuses on a different couple than the first three books. The plot is able to stand alone apart from the others, so if you hadn’t read the preceding books, you wouldn’t feel like you were missing too much to enjoy this story.

The romance centers on Ryan, a former Navy seal now working as a personal bodyguard, and Taylor, a deaf woman who works for a bookstore and aspires to be a writer. Ryan is a perfect cinnamon-roll alpha hero whose only flaw is that he’s a little overprotective. He’s gorgeous. Strong. Sweet. He’s also a medic. And he’s rich. Yum, right?? This guy is too good to be true! Taylor, on the other hand, is a complete mess. Besides her hearing condition, she’s got a whole host of other health problems she’s dealing with. She’s also recoiling from the physical abuse and manipulation she suffered at the hands of her last boyfriend. Translation: major trust issues. She’s super sweet though, and I love that she has a bit of a nerdy side. Ryan falls for her almost instantly, and in spite of her past troubles, she can’t help but fall for him too (who wouldn’t!)

But someone doesn’t like that Taylor and Ryan are together. Strange things start happening to Taylor. Someone mugs her at a carnival. Her tires get slashed. Then her house gets burned down. Could it be her crazy ex-boyfriend that’s making these threats? Ryan is determined to track down whoever is doing these things and protect Taylor-- before something even more terrible happens.

The story had a satisfying resolution and a romantic happy ending. I highly recommend you check out Hear Me Call if you’re looking for a sweet and suspenseful story.


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