Book Review- Unexpected Gifts by Maria Grace

Maria Grace never fails to delight! I devoured these bite-sized Christmas short-stories quicker than bon-bons.

The first story takes place when Darcy and Lizzy have been married for 2 years. Their plans to celebrate Christmas at Pemberley go awry when they are summoned to spend the holiday at Rosings with the cantankerous Lady Catherine instead. What’s Lady Catherine got up her sleeve? I won’t spoil it, but it turns out there’s a good heart hiding in that bossy old lady. This version of Lady C reminds me a bit of the one from the old 1940 Pride and Prejudice movie-- hides her good deeds with a bit of trickery!

The second story takes place right after the first. Lizzy and Darcy spend New Year’s with his uncle and aunt, Lord and Lady Matlock. The dinner is going well, until Lizzy spots something horrifying that could ruin the meal-- and Lady Matlock’s reputation-- forever. I found this episode to be very humorous and light-hearted.

The third story is set a full year later, and takes place at Pemberley. When Lydia, free-spirited as ever, shows up uninvited with two children in tow, Lizzy is sure Christmas is about to be ruined. I liked this story best of all three. This portrayal of Lydia reminds me a lot of Jenna Coleman’s performance as her in Death Comes to Pemberley. She puts on an act of being as silly and frivolous as she ever was in P&P, but turns out that she has matured in the time she’s been married to Wickham. Being forced to grow up quickly can do that, I suppose. In this story, Lydia showed a fortitude of character that had me literally in tears! She was the true hero on Christmas eve!

If you like an easy read with lots of Christmas Spirit and Pride and Prejudice warm fuzzies, then this book will be an unexpected gift for you!


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