Book Review- Through Every Storm by Leenie Brown

Wickham as a loving husband and father? A Lydia who learns from her mistakes and grows up? I never imagined these were possible, but Leenie Brown makes it come true in her lovely novella "Through Every Storm."

Becoming a father deeply changed Wickham, making him realize that he didn't want his son to grow up like him, or his daughter to be treated by men the way he had treated other women. In the eight years since Pride and Prejudice ended, he has turned his life around, regretting the man he had been before. Lydia, however, is still up to her old habits. When she runs off with a man who isn't her husband, Wickham must bring her home and show love to his wife in a way he never had before, by teaching her the things she ought to have learnt long before.

A beautiful story reminiscent of Hosea from the Bible, with themes about forgiveness and the true meaning of love.


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