Book review- Road to Freedom by Leigh Lincoln

To find forgiveness, you must start by forgiving yourself

A faith-based narrative, Road to Freedom follows the physical and spiritual journey of a terminally ill man. Francisco knows he’s facing the end of his life. Not wanting to face it alone, he asks his friend Stacy to marry him. Together, they travel to all the places of Fransico’s past where he has unfinished business to settle, starting in Cuba, then Spain, and ending in Miami, Florida. Francisco yearns to find forgiveness from each of the people he has hurt along the way, but Stacy continues to remind him that peace cannot be found if he does not first forgive himself. She tells him again and again of God’s continued love for him and his need to embrace the faith that he abandoned as a young man. Stacy, too, has been hurt deeply in the past. Her blind optimism hides the scars she carries around deep in her heart, but the journey with Francisco begins to reopen the wounds. Can both of them find the healing they need before Fransico’s life ebbs away?

I loved the characters’ compelling path from pain and regret to freedom through forgiveness. God’s love is evident in the story, and He uses Stacy as his vessel to show love and truth to Fransisco. Stacy, a single mother with no family except her son, sees her family grow as a result of her marriage to Francisco. I liked that the story centered on an older couple; their ages are never explicit, but the reader can guess that Stacy, with a son out of college, must be about late forties or early fifties, and Francisco, whose eldest son is in his early forties, is about sixty or sixty-five. It was heartwarming to see that true love can happen at any age, and that it’s never too late to start living the life you were meant to have. I recommend this story for anyone who enjoys an inspirational story of faith, love, and freedom.


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