Book Review- Penelope and the Wicked Duke by Sofi Laporte

Another delightful Regency romance from Sofi Laporte! I really enjoyed the comical relationship between Penelope and Alworth. From their crash-meeting, to her tricking him into eating spicy vindaloo curry, to his helping her become a member of White's, all while knowing she is masquerading as a boy, the interactions between these two had me in stitches.

Alworth is the epitome of a 19th century dandy who can't decide which of his forty-three waistcoats to wear, fusses over the right way to tie a cravat, and has to make sure his outfit doesn't clash with the wallpaper at the club.

By contrast, Pen, the ravishing beauty of Indian and British heritage, runs around London disguised as a man for most of the book. She fights duels and gambling matches, and can punch hard enough to land a black eye.

When Pen learns of her connection to the notorious Duke of Rochford, her only hope to survive in polite society is to become a proper lady and navigate the Season to find a husband. What will happen when her cross-dressing escapades and her connection to the blackguard Rochford become known to all? Will she and Alworth own up to their feelings before he leaves for India? Or will Pen become the wife of a wicked duke?

This story is the last of four books in the Wishing Well series, but is enjoyable as a stand-alone novel as well.

Title will be available on Oct. 18, 2021


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