Book Review- Love Never Fails by Jennifer Joy

What if Mr. Bennet had died before he could introduce Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy to his girls? Love never fails explores how Darcy and Elizabeth might view each other without the sting of pride and prejudice blinding them. Their first impressions prove quite different than they would have been, but a hidden secret Darcy bears threatens to ruin Elizabeth's good opinion of him. I enjoyed seeing Elizabeth and Darcy navigate the London scene together, and Mr. Bingley's wild aunt Lavinia reminded me of Shirley MacLaine's character on Downton Abbey; she was a hoot! The author cleverly wove quotes from Pride and Prejudice into her novel, though at times they were made by a different character, which threw me off a bit. Nevertheless, she managed to keep the feel of an Austen novel, while inserting all the beloved characters into a completely new storyline. If you enjoy sweet romances with a bit of fluff, you will like Love Never Fails.


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