Book Review- London Holiday by Nicole Clarkston

How fast can Elizabeth and Darcy fall in love without Darcy’s “not tolerable” gaffe or the slander of Wickham to fuel Elizabeth’s prejudice? In this story, it only takes one day-- one adventure-filled, hilarious day!

Lady Catherine and Anne conspire to trap Darcy into marrying Anne, but he manages to escape his London townhouse, dressed as one of his footmen. Nevertheless, Catherine spreads lies that Darcy has ruined Anne and is honor-bound to marry her, going so far as to publish their engagement and arrange for the marriage. While Darcy seeks to prove his innocence, he gets help from none other than Elizabeth Bennet, who is in town visiting her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner and is trying to escape being forced into an engagement herself-- to Mr. Collins. Elizabeth and Darcy decide to give themselves a holiday to avoid their unwanted fiances, with Darcy posing as Elizabeth’s footman and chaperone. They go on grand adventures all over London, taking a picnic, visiting Vauxhall Gardens, and soaring over the city in a hot air balloon.

A special treat was the inclusion of Mrs. Jennings from Sense and Sensibility, a fitting crossover from one of my favorite matchmaking ladies.

The story requires a little suspense of belief that Darcy and Lizzy could fall in love so quickly, as well as that he might propose during the Meryton Assembly, but it was a fun, Disney-esque adventure nonetheless. I enjoyed this story and the unique twist it put on our favorite characters’ meeting and falling in love.

This story is also available in Spanish, for my Spanish-reading friends.



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