Book Review- Let Me Go by Britaini Armitage

I always enjoy reading Britaini’s books! I love the chemistry between Harper and Kyle. Their secret love-affair starts out flaming-hot like a splash of vodka in a hot pan, then turns down to a simmering slow-burn that makes my heart ache with longing. It’s so clear that they are right for each other, but they each think there are too many obstacles between them, not to mention the tragedy halfway through that scars their hearts. Harper’s sarcastic humor and pranks made me laugh. Her witty banter reminded me of Elizabeth Bennet-- my favorite heroine from Pride and Prejudice. Kyle is sweet and caring, takes a keen interest in Harper’s interests-- a cinnamon roll if I ever saw one. With intense combat scenes sprinkled throughout that keep the action strong and the tension high, this military romance doesn’t disappoint! If you like a forbidden romance with a slow-burn finish, read about Harper and Kyle in Let Me Go.


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