Book Review- Lady Elizabeth by P.O. Dixon

I am not usually an audiobook reader, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to listen to a review copy of P.O. Dixon’s Pride and Prejudice variation “Lady Elizabeth.” A fresh and original story about Austen’s beloved characters, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Instead of following the usual P&P plotline, Ms. Dixon poses the idea, “what if Elizabeth had been kidnapped from the Bennets and raised as the granddaughter of a duke?” In this setup, it is Darcy who is considered unsuitable for Elizabeth. Though being one of the wealthiest gentleman landowners, Darcy has no title, and the Duke of Dunsmore is set on his granddaughter marrying a peer. The tables are turned when the truth about Lady Elizabeth’s origins are learned, and Darcy has the chance to meet the uncouth Bennet family during his stay in Hertfordshire.

The only thing I didn’t like was the narrator. I didn’t care for the voice she gave to some of the characters; Lady Sophia’s portrayal especially grated on me. But again, I don’t regularly listen to audiobooks, as I prefer to make up the character’s voices in my own head. As a book version, though, I would definitely give this story 5 stars!

If you love Pride and Prejudice variations and are looking for a unique story about Darcy and Elizabeth, give P.O. Dixon’s “Lady Elizabeth” a try.


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