Book Review- Hope for Mr. Darcy by Jeanna Ellsworth

One of the best Pride and Prejudice variations I have ever read! In flawless perfection, Hope for Mr. Darcy answers the question "what if Elizabeth Bennet had answered Mr. Darcy's letter and given him hope sooner?" I loved Ms. Ellsworth's portrayal of Heaven as a garden, and the strong Christian imagery and themes throughout the book.

The story puts some interesting twists on the usual plot, including an untimely death that opens the door for an uncommon fanfiction pairing and sets the stage for a mystery that will unfold in the successive books. Also, we see how the earlier discovery of some information leads one character to be saved from the fate that they had to suffer in the original novel.

I wholeheartedly recommend this delightful variation on Pride and Prejudice for anyone who enjoys Jane Austen and Christian historical romances.


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