Book Review- Darcy Bites by Amy Elizabeth Davis

Darcy Bites puts a gothic twist on the classic Pride and Prejudice story. In this version, Darcy is half-human, half-vampire-- what they call a dhampir. His need for blood is satisfied a la Twilight, via hunting for animals or drinking farm animals' blood obtained from the butcher. But, as Darcy tells Caroline Bingley, "vampires do NOT sparkle!"

Vampires and dhampirs do possess some other extraordinary powers, however, including the ability to use psychic callings and suggestions to induce those with weak minds to do things, and to "glamour" them-- to alter someone's memories to make them believe things differently than reality. Darcy takes great care never to use these powers except when necessary to protect himself or other vampires. However, there are those who seek to use these powers to exploit others, including the rakish dhampir Wickham and the terrifying vampire Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

Despite his own vampire heritage, Darcy is renowned as an expert vampire hunter. When feral vampires terrorize the village of Meryton, Darcy teams up with Elizabeth Bennet, who is a skilled fighter herself and who shares Darcy’s uncanny knack for being able to sense when feral vampires are near.

Darcy’s worst fear is that he will one day turn feral and harm those he loves, a fate which has already wrought tragedy in his own family and Elizabeth’s and which he hopes will never repeat itself. He feels more human than ever before when he’s around Elizabeth, but would she be able to stop him if he ever turned vicious?

But Darcy will learn that there are some things even more dangerous than a feral vampire, and when that force is unleashed, it may be too much for even Darcy to defeat.

This book, though not explicit, contains some steamy scenes in it as well as some violence and gore that may not be suitable for children.


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