Book Review- Camp Jane: The Winners Rally Round by Susan Andrews

Camp Jane: a place where fantasy meets reality. In a bold and brilliant move, Susan Andrews takes a cue from Austenland to deliver an Austen fan’s ultimate dream: a real-world destination where Janeites can live out their fantasies as if they had been transported to Jane Austen’s world. The Regency Resort, lovingly dubbed "Camp Jane" by its visitors, offers its guests an immersive experience into the stories, which are reenacted by essay winners chosen specifically for the roles based on their real-life similarities to the characters.

This story centers around the cast of Summer 2021, from the time they first arrive and are assigned their roles, through their first week of Regency “boot camp” before the guests arrive.

I loved the role of main character Maggie, who plays Lizzy. She is fun and spirited, and easily makes friends with the rest of the cast members.

This was a fun adventure with great comedy, a little bit of mystery, and a whole lot of Austen pop-culture references. A story about Janeites, written for Janeites. If you enjoyed Austenland, you'll love Camp Jane.

I hope that Ms. Andrews will chronicle Maggie and the gang's adventures over the rest of their summer at Camp Jane. I would love to see this book become a series!


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