Book Review- A Good Name by Sarah Courtney

Sarah Courtney doesn't just go for a straight-up modern Pride and Prejudice, she does it with an interesting twist: Darcy is the adopted son of George and Anne Darcy, but he knew Elizabeth in his childhood under his birth name-- George Wickham.

I enjoyed this scenario, especially since Lizzy and Will/George originally bond over books. Lizzy's taste in books (and presumably the author's) is a lot like mine, including Harry Potter, Narnia, and many other classic books.

The twist is even more compelling since Lizzy and George don’t recognize each other at first when they meet again as adults. Lizzy is unaware that George is now going by the name Will Darcy and is a wealthy CEO, and he looks down on Lizzy for “couch-surfing” at her sister’s place after losing her job, not realizing she’s the same little girl who fed him sandwiches and brought his world to life with books.

If you like unique modern interpretations of Pride and Prejudice, this was a fun and heartwarming read.


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