Book Review- A Friendly Alliance by Karen Lynne

I will admit— I bought this book for the cover! The beautiful lake with swans gliding across it and the lovely girl with blonde hair and a blue dress captured my attention. But I discovered the contents within to be even more enthralling! Karen Lynne has masterfully written a new twist on the boy-next-door theme, making him an earl and the season’s most eligible bachelor, in addition to the heroine’s childhood best friend. I loved the playful banter between Juliana and Peter. It was clear from the start that their personalities were perfect for one another, but each needed to feel a sense of jealousy at the thought of losing their friend to another before they could awaken to their own attraction. I was impressed by Karen’s attention to historical details and use of language. It made me feel as though I had stepped into a Jane Austen novel. If you enjoy clean and sweet Regency romances, you’ll love the delightful tale of Juliana and Peter in A Friendly Alliance.


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